“Children are the assurance of our future and the joy of life. Raising the child of today as the future of tomorrow is the task of humanity.”   Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

We set out with this responsibility in mind to raise the awareness of parents, find answers to their questions, decrease their doubts and concerns about the future and at the same time increase the various skills and creativity of our children from art to coding and from drama to artificial intelligence in different workshops.

We have been inspired by the tree of life and have created a refreshing program full of panels in the fields of health, education and technology for parents and workshops for children throughout the day.

Children are the stars of our future. We are ready to do anything for them so that they have a promising future. If you would like to take part in this journey with us, let's meet at Radisson Blu Hotel Şişli on March 3, 2019. Remember, the future is coming with EÇZ.

Kindest regards,,

Işıl Boy Ergül, PhDc | Parents and Child Summit Coordinator